A Luxury Vinyl Vision

Cozy, Chic–and Kid-Friendly!

Epsom, Surrey

Amtico honey oak floor tiles in kitchen living area, Epsom Surrey

Style & Materials

It was important to think beyond aesthetics and consider the family’s immediate needs. Wood, despite being their initial go-to choice, was not going to cut it. Our expert team championed for a less demanding, anti-scratch, durable, material, and after multiple conversations–and a review of 12 samples–Amtico was the creative solution.

Next up was the garage conversion. The client wanted to imbue warmth into the space with carpet, so we used Cormar Malabar Muesli, a 100% wool loop.

Floor Coverings Used

Amtico: Spacia Oak Honey

Cormar Carpets: Malibar Muslei

The Brief

Decorating with little ones in mind can be a daunting task when aesthetics previously took center stage. So when a family turned to us to upgrade their space into a safe sanctuary, where toddlers and adults could roam and relax at ease, we knew we had to find smart and stylish solutions to breathe fun, form, and functionality into their home. As well as the kitchen extension, we were also tasked with revamping the garage into an inviting, inspirational WFH space.

home office wool carpet cormar muesli, epsom surrey
Our Process

We wanted to save future headaches wherever we could, so we advised against wood–their first choice.

Our expert team championed for Amtico–a less demanding, anti-scratch, durable, material with the same visually-pleasing demeanor as wood. You don’t need to sand or reseal it l Thus, making it the perfect option for family households. For a faster turnaround, DC called in industrial heaters to fast-track the drying process and stabilize the moisture levels in under a week.

Next up was the garage conversion. Softening the space to make it cozy and contemporary meant cushioning the floor with a sink-between-your-toes carpet, so we opted for the Cormar Malabar Muesli, a 100% wool loop, also used in the living room, to create a sense of continuity.

kitchen living area amtico honey oak tiles epsom surrey
neutral living room carpet cormar carpets muesli, epsom surrey
amtico honey oak luxury vinyl tiles with custom rug in epsom surrey
The Result

So there you have it, a A family home ouse that speaks to personal style, and the bare necessities. The clients were thrilled that their leap of faith paid off. While we were pleased to We nailed nail the decorative challenge of providing the right materials that aligned with the family’s immediate needs: .Destruction-proof yet design-forward.  Mission accomplished!


amtico spacia oak kid friendly flooring epsom surrey
sample of amtico luxury vinyl spacia honey oak
Spacia, Honey Oak

A mid tone wood with golden shades and a realistic oak grain that is perfectly suited to any contemporary interior. 

carpet sample malabar muesli by Cormar Carpets
Cormar Carpets:
Malibar Muesli

Get the look of natural seagrass and coir flooring with all the added benefits and warmth of 100% wool, with Malabar.

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