How We Created a Magic Carpet

Executive Living Apartment

The Strand, London

Living room, custom made green rug, The Strand, London

Style & materials

There is no off-the-shelf samples when it comes to customising your rug design and materials. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities by getting in touch with our bespoke rug experts.

Floor Coverings Used

David Conran: Bespoke Rugs

Custom rug design colour swatches
The Brief

Picture this, a bare floor in an exclusive residence in the epicentre of London’s West End. Generic wouldn’t cut it, this place demanded a custom rug design.

Custom rug CAD drawing
Our Process

An onsite consultation was necessary for such a one-of-a-kind space and unique proposal. So the team went to the apartment to gauge a tangible feel of the place to see how the balcony’s private screens could be woven into the rug’s design.

Photographs and measurements were taken and passed to the design team, who then brainstormed different ways to replicate the balcony’s screen onto a CAD drawing.

Custom made green shades living room rug, The Strand, London
luxury green custom design and made rug, The Strand, London
The Result

The ARS color palette generated over 1,000 colors to choose from–so the team and client had plenty to discuss during their review.

Once the colors were decided, it was go time for the manufacturers. After a super-fast turnaround, the designs were given the final seal of approval by the team before being sent to the (soon-to-be-ecstatic) client.

David Conran:
Custom Made Rugs

Our team loves to think outside the box for custom rugs–so the sky is the limit for where your design can take you. From jaw-dropping replications to abstract doodles, we invite you to get creative and put us to the challenge!

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